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Carpet Beetles comes in many shapes, sizes and colours. The Carpet Beetle looks like a ladybird in shape with its colour ranging from brown to black and even yellow and white. Adult Carpet Beetles are usually 2-3mm in length.

Adult Carpet Beetles tend to live in the outdoors and eat nectar and pollen, making them less likely to be a pest.  Towards late summer however they are extremely likely to enter your home and lay up to 40 or more eggs at a time in any natural fibres, such as curtains and carpets.

The eggs hatch as larvae within 2 to 3 weeks and it is these larvae – sometimes called Woolly Bears – that do major damage, because their diet consists of any natural fibre such as carpets, soft furnishings and clothes, they can severely affect the quality of your furnishings – hence the need for carpet beetle control.


carpet beetle


DIY products can deal with the problem in the short term, but professional treatment by a qualified Carpet Beetle control technician is often necessary to deal with them in the long-term.

All Pests Nottingham technicians have a comprehensive range of powerful insecticides to deal with Carpet Beetles.


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